Our Sustainability mission

Our Sustainability mission

With focus on a more sustainable world firmly in the spotlight, RLM take our impact on the environment very serious. With the UK’s ambitious climate target to reach net zero emissions by 2050, queries about the sustainability of our UPVC windows and doors have noticeably increased.

With this in mind we would like to explain how RLM will implement a policy to make us a more sustainable business and carry out changes to improve the environment we live in.

Customers regularly ask how environmentally friendly are our uPVC windows? Every window we install is ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency, they are fabricated using high quality, multi-chambered profiles which are designed to maximise insulation values. This keeps warm air inside your property and cold air out. This modern technology used on our windows boosts energy efficiency and reduces heat loss, therefore reducing carbon emissions into the environment.

In our showroom we have committed to using less power where possible. We use low level LED lighting and reduce electrical use wherever we can. We follow strict procedures which help us to reduce waste and recycle materials whenever possible.

Recycling and sustainable waste program

Every old UPVC window or door that we remove from a customer’s property is brought back to our Barrington Business Park site. This is stored in UPVC stillages and compacted. We now work with one of the largest UK based PVC recycling companies to recycle all old pvc products rather than putting these into landfill.

Because of the high price of PVC, we have now agreed a price per ton for the recycling company pay us to purchase our old PVC windows, doors and offcuts. Because we are a company that believe in giving back to our local community, a community that equally support us as a business. We have launched the RLM Community project. By recycling our old PVC and actually been paid for the privilege, we are going to donate 100% of all money received to local community projects. By doing this we have already been able to help local grassroot football teams, local charities, local schools, our local community centre, a local boxing club and some others.

Although we won’t be able to fulfil every request or every project, we will try our very best to support local projects. If you have a project that you believe we could help with then please email ricky@rlm-windows.co.uk

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