Our New Annual Servicing Products

Our New Annual Servicing Products

So, recently we launched a new service which I can’t believe we have never offered previously……………. Annual Servicing of our window and door products.

What is annual servicing I hear you ask?

Well, we all have our cars serviced, boilers serviced, even our washing machines and other household items. So why not our windows and doors? Afterall we spend thousands of pounds on a home improvement product that lives outside for the duration of its life. So we have launched the RLM Service Package.

Windows and doors are one of the most valuable investments that a homeowner will purchase. Therefore, we recommend protecting your investment by servicing your windows and doors at least once every twelve months. An annual service can be booked from as little as £45 + VAT.

Our team will work with you to arrange a suitable time for our engineer to visit your property and carry out your service. All frames and glass are checked over for defect and repaired or replaced under warranty (if applicable). Items that are of defect and are not covered under the warranty can be replaced or repaired at an additional cost if you wish to do so.

We believe that an annual service will give all products a longer and lasting lifespan and make your investment into a home improvement product last longer.

Our Services package all offer the same service, but start from £45 + VAT and up over, depending on the amount of windows/doors you have. Below is a list of what you can expect from our engineer during their visit.

  • Cleaning/hoovering all tracks and chambers in your windows and doors
  • Remove dirt build up around hinges
  • Adjust all windows and doors to make sure they don’t catch
  • Ease window and doors where needed
  • Oil and lubricate all hinges
  • Oil and lubricate all locks, handles and locking mechanisms
  • Tighten all handles, hinges, hardware and loose fixings
  • Compressed air clean and dirt removal of all trickle vents
  • Rubber gaskets and seals checked for defect
  • Drainage holes cleaned and unblocked
  • Coloured/foiled frames colour filled (if applicable)
  • All windows and doors fully checked


To book one of our annual services, your products must have been installed by RLM. Click here for more information and to book.

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